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The Orangutan Conservancy is committed to the conservation of orangutans and their rain forest homes through a core belief that not one project can save them all, but many projects together. We follow this by funding a variety of programs and projects in the field in Southeast Asia, and this was the inspiration for our #BANDTOGETHER campaign. Conservation initiatives can only be won when organizations and individuals alike are able to #bandtogether and take on the challenge as one. We promote this through our own conservation initiatives and funding and with our own supporters through this campaign. We hope that you consider a donation to OC because we want to encourage everyone to #bandtogether for conservation.

#BANDTOGETHER wristbands


OC is offering a gift for any donation of $20! These awesome “SAVE THE ORANGUTAN” wristbands were designed with conservation and awareness in mind. As I’m sure you know, the orangutan is critically endangered, in fact the Tapanuli Orangutan (“discovered” only in 2017) is the MOST endangered great ape on the planet today. Our wristbands are meant to show off your support of amazing orangutan conservation initiatives in Southeast Asia AND to spread awareness about their plight. We hope that by receiving this gift, you will be empowered to spread the message on behalf of all wildlife conservation and encourage others to also #bandtogether for conservation.

If you would like to donate $20 to OC and receive a free wristband as a gift then please click on either of the PayPal buttons below. Your donation will be going toward conservation programs like:

The Orangutan Conservancy is not only committed to orangutan conservation initiatives, but also to worldwide conservation efforts. Plastic waste is a detriment to nature, and especially to marine life. The single-use plastic bag industry has unfortunately filled an everyday need for billions of people at a severe cost to the environment. It is with our #OConserve campaign that we hope to encourage supporters like you to reduce their plastic usage while also helping to spread our conservation message. You will not only be helping wild orangutans but will also be benefiting the very environment that exists right outside your door.

Reusable Bag

“Orangutan Conservancy”

In an effort to help our supporters reduce their carbon footprint on our planet, we are offering a second gift, an “Orangutan Conservancy” reusable shopping bag. This bright item features our iconic logo on the front and allows supporters to easily shop without having to use single-use plastic grocery bags. We hope that by using this bag, our supporters will not only be reducing their plastic usage, but will also be able to help us spread our message of conservation. This bag will surely catch everyone’s eye in the supermarket!

If you would like to donate $75 and receive a free OC reusable bag then please click the PayPal button below. Your donation today will help fund more conservation programs like:

As always, if you would like to donate without receipt of a gift from OC then please use the link below. We are so grateful for your efforts to help fund current and future conservation efforts in Southeast Asia.

If you have any questions about gifting, donations, or conservation, please email us at [email protected]

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Last year, The Orangutan Conservancy provided funding for Sintang Orangutan Center (SOC) to purchase an X-ray machine for their clinic and rehabilitation center in West Kalimantan.
Last year, The Orangutan Conservancy provided funding for Sintang Orangutan Center (SOC) to purchase an X-ray machine for their clinic and rehabilitation center in West Kalimantan.

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