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One of the new projects that the Orangutan Conservancy is supporting is this inspiring, semi-wild sanctuary for orangutans that have been injured or have illnesses that would prevent them from living fully in the wild.  Orangutan Haven has broken ground in Sumatra and will be a reality in the near future and OC is committed to being a supporter of this important project.  Orangutans that have been rescued and cared for by the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) will live a life that is wild yet safe on island homes that are being constructed just for them

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The Orangutan Conservancy is excited to announce our new Kids' Orangutan Adoption package just in time for the giving season! This brand new adoption package is geared towards the younger generation of conservationists that want to help support and protect wild orangutans in Indonesia.
Last year, The Orangutan Conservancy provided funding for Sintang Orangutan Center (SOC) to purchase an X-ray machine for their clinic and rehabilitation center in West Kalimantan.
Happy Ape-ril, aka Ape Awareness Month! Wild ape species face a multitude of dangers and destruction, including habitat loss, hunting, and poaching.
Back in 2020, The Orangutan Conservancy funded Borneo Nature Foundation's (BNF) 1,000-meter boardwalk. This boardwalk is 20cm wide, made of Banaus wood, and allows for access for seedling mobilization, planting, and monitoring by the BNF team.

Other Projects

The Gibbon Conservation Center is a unique conservation, research, and educational establishment. Residing just south of the Angeles National Forest sits a 10-acre property that over 40 gibbons call home. The center is the only institution in the entire globe to house and breed all four genera of gibbon.
OC is excited to relay the news that the boardwalk project has officially been completed despite many difficult and unforeseen delays. The new boardwalk will stand to serve the transportation needs of important personnel such as students, field teams, community patrols, volunteers, and even wildlife!